Diary of a Preemie Dad

Sam in Nicu 1 day old

Sam in Nicu 1 day old

Its taken a bit of time but I have finally sat down to put this little blog together documenting all the little bits and bobs raising a Preemie Baby.

So there we were, new house new dog, new chapter in our life. Then nearly 9 months ago little Sam arrived and everything changed. He was in a hurry to say hi and arrived at 28 weeks 2 days or 12 weeks early. Nothing could have prepared us for this. Sam spent 7 weeks with the incredible team of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or N.I.C.U, in Holles Street. It was here we learned that not all heroes wear capes!

Those seven weeks flew by, every day a new milestone was reached, things like drinking from a bottle, getting to change him ourselves, getting to put cloths on, and most especially kangaroo care. Kangaroo Care is where we as parents get to cuddle our little one skin on skin. Nothing else mattered when we had cuddles.

It was almost time to go home from Nicu. Sam got his feeding tube removed, was now fully off oxygen and slowly gaining weight . We had a crash course in how to bath him, first aid and how to care for Sam at home. It was then home time. Sam had reached 35 weeks and was able to feed from a bottle andreached a weight of 1.86 kilos. When he was born he was 925 grams!

It was during this time we came up with the idea for Button Nose Baby and we haven't looked back!