Learning Curve

Sam in his moses basket at home

Sam in his moses basket at home

Since Sam has been home the learning curve has been steep, challenging and fun! Unlike non preemies Sam already had a routine from NICU of feeding every 3 hours. This was great when we got him home as it ment we could plan our sleeps around it. It didn't last...

One of the strangest things for him must have been night time, pitch black. In NICU there was always a buzz of activity with bleeps and bloops from monitors, teams of nurses and doctors coming and going and of course the parents of the little ones.

Gradually Sam found his rhythm in the house. He didn't pay much attention to our yorkie "Freddie" id say he didn't have clue what he was! The sleeping patterns started to get longer and longer, the feeds went up and up. Its mad for us to think the first time we got to feed Sam was with a tiny syringe that had only 1ml of breast milk in it! Now 8 months later he is drinking 210 ml per bottle.

Nicola and I began to figure out the different noises from Sam. What was a hungry cry or a tired cry all part and parcel of being a new parent. What did we ever do with all the free time before he came along! As his sight began to develop he was able to make out our faces and also our voices. Nothing can prepare you for the smiles. Even though our little family was home, we still had to make weekly trips back to Holles Street for check ups, just to make sure everything was going to plan, which it was

The only minor thing was Sam wasn't putting on enough weight. This was due to being a little bit to active ( nothing wrong with that ) and also trying to get the feeding levels right. Once we got close to finding a good balance he started to thrive