Sam with one of his first vests 

Sam with one of his first vests 

We are nearly 9 months into our new adventure with Sam and already he is developing with flying colours. After we got him home we thought it was great that he didn't really cry, more of a teeny tiny whimper. That soon changed! Sam discovered he had a voice. At first he would only make random soft noises but now he is trying to make complex sounds by trying to copy what Nicola and I are saying. We can see his concentration as he is "Chatting away" to us. He has said a few words, Hiya, OK, Yep and Mama.  

The way babies are measured is in percentiles on a growth chart. As Sam arrived 3 months early his growth was plotted by Holles street and our Public health nurse along the bottom percentile, ideally he should be in the 9th percentile. Each time we went in they expected to see a tired, lethargic baby but instead they met happy bouncy and interactive Sam. They found he was so active, in fact, that he was burning a lot more calories than he was taking in. So we just increased the feeds. Sam will be Sam regardless what the book says.

We had got a huge amount of clothes as presents from friends and family. Most however where for 0-3 months and above, Sam only fits in to 0-3 and 3-6 months now. After he arrived we were faced with the dilemma of where to get clothes that would fit him We discovered both Asda and Tesco have a premature and tiny baby range of vests and baby grows that start at 4lbs up.

Sam is a funny size at the moment. His vests are 0-3 months but his baby grows are 3-6 months. We have become experts in clothes designs for what works and what doesn't. I get to dress him in little jeans and hoodies now, just like his daddy :)