Firsts and Food

Sam enjoying a spoon feed

Sam enjoying a spoon feed

Food has obviously been a huge part of Sam's life to date. He has been on the high calorie Nutri Prem 2 powder since he got home. Now we are introducing a range of solid foods and so the (messy) fun begins!. I would be lost without his Bumbo seat, trust me its a lifesaver. I have also found it easier to feed him if he can hold his own spoon ( he seems to shake it around like mad!) and i feed him with another. So far he loves a roast dinner, yogurt and sunshine orange. It does get messy but if he can get 8 to 12 spoons in, along with bottle feeds, then Sam should put on the weight he so crucially needs.

Our most recent appointment with Sam's consultant was an eye opener. We are both doing slimming world at home, so all the food we had was low fat and healthy, quite the opposite of what Sam needs. Full fat butter, cream, olive oil, full fat and creamy yogurts all are on his menu now. Avocados are also brilliant as they have natural fats and oils. All of these are crucial to Sam's brain development.

Ever since Sam arrived we have been notching up firsts on a daily basis. These range from massive firsts like getting Sam into his own room and cot at 6 months or little ones like being able to hold our little finger while he smiles and scrunches his little button nose at mummy and daddy. One of the most unique firsts was having Sam born in Dublin but his little feet touched Cork soil first. For those of you that might not know, I'm originally from Carrigaline in County Cork and very proud of that.

Just this weekend Sam had his first official swim. All set to go with his little wetsuit and waterproof nappies we took to the water. It was in the Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork ( of course!). Sam only loved it. He managed 20 mins before we took him out. We can't wait to bring him for a swim again

I could not believe the first time Sam held a carrot stick in one hand and passed it to the other, and then, as with everything, into his mouth. This is all classed as early mathematics (or Spacial awareness and cognitive recognition) , according to our physiotherapist.  Only the other day Sam was able to support himself sitting upright for more than a few seconds! Then came the time he slept the whole night for the first time, both Nicola and I couldn't believe it and now regularly sleeps 10-12 hours per night.

So much has happened in such a little time, every day is its own little adventure, heres to many more firsts